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Chisholm College Chapel Audio Installation


PAV were recently invited to upgrade the original sound system in the Chisholm College Chapel. The main speakers were essentially a row of 4” ceiling speakers mounted in the wall above the alter. The requirements were quite simple. Quality sound, simplicity of operation and most importantly aesthetics were our main points to consider.

As the main speakers were to be kept in the same location, a very narrow vertical dispersion was required to avoid feedback from the microphones below and in front of the speakers. The TOA SR-H3S were selected and proved to be a perfect choice. These units are a Line Array Column Speaker comprising of 16 x 7cm full range speakers. The sound is clear and carries to the back of the chapel with ease.

A new Audac CPR12 10 channel mixer and EV Q44II power amplifier were also installed and an ATU857QL lectern microphone was also added. The perimeter ceiling speakers were given an upgrade to the Apart CMX20T and the final result is excellent. The sound is clear and the volume is virtually the same at any point in the chapel.