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City of Belmont Digital Signage Installation


The City of Belmont has opted for a semi-automated digital signage solution to replace their printed notice board.

Features include:

  • Scrolling announcement ticker that retrieves text from a central calendar schedule
  • Video and slideshow playlists that are easily updated by publishing content to specified playlists
  • Time and date that synchronises to NTP time servers
  • Weather icon with current temperature that periodically updates with real-time data via the internet
  • Vandal-proof digital signage enclosure with key-lockable access panel
  • 55″ LCD-LED commercial display
  • Advanced professional digital signage media player that supports dynamic content, scheduling, conditional programming and 24/7 operation.
  • Instant-on technology automatically restarts after a power failure

All design and programming was done in-house by PAV.