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Auto Showroom Training Room Installation

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Featuring a stylish showroom, clinical service centre and state-of-the-art training centre, this auto showroom in Victoria Park caters for discerning customers of a premium European brand.

PAV recently upgraded the audio visual system in the training room, delivering superior projection brightness and quality, stunning audio clarity at high volume and a clever integrated wall control panel.

Our client wanted a WOW factor to introduce staff to new model releases and hype reels, so the projector and audio system were carefully selected to provide the best possible results while keeping with the minimal look of the room.

Equipment supplied and installed by PAV:

  • Full-HD  NEC 4000 Ansi-lumen Projector – chosen due to reliability and long warranty terms.
  • Fixed frame wall mounted 120″ 16:9 ratio screen
  • VGA/HDMI inputs to cater for legacy laptops as well as current HD digital technology.
  • Apart Mask 6 wall-mounted speakers in white to match the room interior.
  • Apart 2400 dual 10″ subwoofer.
  • Speakers powered by Apart Champ 3D DSP power amplifier – a built-in high class DSP processor allows additional control with 4-band full parametric EQ and crossover, delay, compressor and limiter-leveller.
  • iPod connection
  • Integrated wall plate installed flush in wall to control power on/off, source selection and volume.